Grass!365 is the world’s best synthetic grass.

Grass!365 Artificial Turf and Synthetic Grass products are ideal for a wide range of applications including Lawns, Commercial properties, business amenities, Pet areas, playground surfaces, Sports fields, batting cages, Golf Putting Greens and more!

Looks and Longevity

Grass!365 products are indistinguishable from real grass and most importantly stand up longer to foot traffic and gravity.

Eco Friendly

Our Synthetic Grass is made up of ingredients that are all part of the Polyolefin family of plastics. Grass!365 is the first to offer a full line of products that 100% 1-step recyclable Synthetic Grass.

Durable and Long Lasting

SealTuft backing allows for industry leading tuft binds which means our yarn stays in the turf.

Superior Drainage

SealTuft Backing delivers superior drainage while not sacrificing the tuft bind properties that hold our yarn in place. Easier to work with than traditional backings during transportation and installation, this backing is an installers dream. Drains 30X better than traditional Urethane hole punched backing.

Heat Reduction Technology

Grass!365’s advanced 3D Yarn shapes and infill options help keep the surface cooler.