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Grass!365’s  yarns and infill options keep the surface temperature cooler than other turf products.

Many turf companies claim to have recyclable products but the only way recycling really occurs at the end of the lifecycle is when the product is 100% 1-step recyclable. The SealTuft backing on Grass!365 products allow for 1-step economically feasible recycling of the poly-olefin fabric. Grass!365 products require no water!

SealTuft backing system is revolutionary and crushes standard industry drainage rates from 30 inches to over 1,000 per hour.

Grass!365 products are manufactured here in the USA.

Derek Paglia
Derek PagliaOwner CT Grass!365
Derek Paglia – Pags the Turf Guy
Contact Derek at – Pags@Grass365.com or call him at (978) 479-7836

Derek Paglia currently serves as the Principal of Grass!365 Connecticut. A a former high school two time NEC champion golfer, Derek worked in the golf industry for over a decade prior to entering the synthetic grass industry. For 6 years now, Derek has developed an expertise in not only the construction of awesome golf green installations but all turf products, designs and superior installation practices. He has a passion for the industry and a desire to expand the use cases of Artificial Turf beyond what once was typical. With his crew and family Ryan and Ben. Derek’s goal is enhance environments and enhance lives with beautiful low maintenance synthetic grass installations. Derek resides in Norwalk and serves the greater NYC area.

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